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What new laws are under consideration in Sacramento, and how will they affect taxpayers and homeowners? Is Proposition 13 at risk? Is anybody fighting back against the barrage of new local and state taxes? Can California be saved?

Jon Coupal

President of HJTA

Susan Shelley

VP of Communications

Laura Dougherty

Director of Legal Affairs

Scott Kaufman

Legislative Director


How you can help

Learn what is going on in the fight to protect Proposition 13 and defend your taxpayer rights. You’ll learn about Sacramento’s latest schemes to raise your taxes and how you can get involved to fight back.

Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act

TPA has qualified for the 2024 ballot! The Taxpayer Protection Act was written to restore a series of voter-approved ballot measures that gave taxpayers, not politicians, more say over when and how new tax revenue is raised. 

Repeal the Death Tax

The HJTA legal team is crafting a new initiative petition, and our legislative director is working with sympathetic lawmakers to introduce a Prop. 19 fix as a legislative constitutional amendment. With a two-thirds vote in each house of the Legislature, this amendment could be on the ballot as early as March 2024. 

Threats to Proposition 13

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 is a direct and perennial attack on Proposition 13 that would change the state Constitution to cut the percentage of votes needed to raise special taxes, dropping it from the current two-thirds required under Prop. 13 to only 55%.

Listen: Battlestations! They're Coming To Raise Your Taxes!


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What People Are Saying

Making a Difference for California Taxpayers

Central Coast taxpayers trust the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation as a reliable source of information on what is happening in Sacramento, and appreciate its decades-long record of leading the fight for taxpayer rights in California.

Andrea Seastrand Central Coast Taxpayers Association

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation team of experts – including their legal staff – has been invaluable in helping county assessors throughout California in navigating many of the complicated issues we face.

Jordan Marks San Diego County Assessor

What if somebody picked your pocket and went on a spending spree with your credit card? We all would recognize this as a crime, but when politicians do it, too often they go unchallenged. In San Jose, politicians passed bonds without a vote — to the tune of $3.5 billion. Fortunately, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation is challenging them in court. HJTF is a critical check on the unrestrained spending of California politicians.

John Inks Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

HJTF is not only the state’s single most influential advocate for Prop 13’s protection against excessive property taxes, but frequently aids CoCoTax and other local taxpayer groups across the whole spectrum of tax issues.

Jack Weir Contra Costa Taxpayers Association